Dennis Prescott at the Magnetic Hill Winery


Local chef Dennis Prescott recently joined us at the Magnetic Hill Winery while he’s been spending some quality time in his home province of New Brunswick.

In this video, you can see Dennis prepare a delicious Lobster Potato Salad, using real, local ingredients, including a 2020 new release wine from Magnetic Hill Winery, Osceola. For those of you thinking that this recipe sounds complicated, it’s not at all. Dennis really prides himself on making great food accessible and wants people to move a little outside their comfort zone and not be scared to create in the kitchen. This recipe embodies that completely. So grab your ingredients and follow along with Dennis as he makes his this great dish. Or, you know, just sit back and think about how good this might be. Both great options, but we all know one of them is a lot more rewarding!



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