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Arts, Culture, and History

One of the best parts of visiting a new place is discovering its rich history and culture and getting to know its people. Moncton-Dieppe is a beautiful tapestry of cultures and stories with a colourful past just waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Release Your Inner Artist

The Moncton-Dieppe area is well known for its eclectic and diverse arts scene. The art buff in your group will be pleased with the quantity of galleries and exhibits in which to admire a diverse array pieces:

Although there’s no joy quite like losing track of time in a gallery, art can be found everywhere. Thanks to a commitment to urban art and beautification, the whole of Moncton-Dieppe is peppered with masterful public art and massive murals that turn the city into a giant open-air gallery. If you’d like to go on a street art scavenger hunt, you can find a map here.

Cultural Experiences

As the home of two vibrant linguistic communities, English and Acadian, Moncton-Dieppe is a significant cultural hub in New Brunswick. There are so many marvelous things to see and do—there’s no time to waste! Here are just a few experiences on offer that will blow you away:

There’s nothing quite like a night at the theatre to see a stunningly performed play or a witty comedy special. Moncton-Dieppe has quite a few concert halls for visitors to choose from, such as the historic Capitol Theatre, where the stage alone is a work of art, or the théâtre l’Escaouette, where you can see fantastic locally written and produced performances. Let the show begin!

Explore the Past

Embark on a journey through Moncton-Dieppe’s rich past at its historical sites and museums. The area is steeped in gripping history and offers many ways in which to experience its stories.

What better way to experience culture and history than in nature? The unique and educational Heritage Path Tour in Elsipogtog First Nation (approx. 1 hour north of the city) takes visitors through the forest and teaches them about Mi’kmaq traditions and culture.

Historic landmarks are living examples of our past, places where we can quite literally step into history and see through the eyes of our ancestors. Are you ready to travel through time in these beautiful monuments?

  • The Doiron House is a traditional Acadian house turned into a museum which offers an interactive tour through the lives of the people who lived there.
  • The Thomas Williams House is a perfectly preserved example of classic Victorian architecture that is open to the public for guided tours. Visitors can even sit down for afternoon tea on the wraparound covered porch!
  • A short drive in the direction of Nova Scotia will lead you to Fort Beauséjour—Fort Cumberland National Historic Site, an important landmark of the conflict between France and Great Britain. Visitors are invited to explore the grounds of the star-shaped fort and see the site’s historical artifacts.

Museums are an interactive way to learn about a place and its people, not to mention the quintessential rainy day adventure. Visitors can choose from nearly 30 museums in and around Moncton-Dieppe! Moncton-Dieppe’s museums are immersive and innovative experiences that will fascinate and amuse the whole family.

Cultural Event and Festivals

Culture is a living, breathing part of a city’s identity, and often what makes visiting a new place so interesting. Moncton-Dieppe is a hub where cultures collide and mingle, and create a great diversity of festivals and events. There is truly something to suit everyone’s taste, from art to music to sports. Get ready for some serious fun during festival season in Moncton-Dieppe!

Want to learn more about Moncton-Dieppe’s history and culture? Click here!

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