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How does an evening of jazz and beer sound? Moncton’s flourishing craft beer scene is unparalleled with more and more diverse options to choose from. Coupled with great live entertainment, now there’s a recipe for a memorable evening.

Craft Beer and Micro-Breweries:
Moncton’s micro-brewery scene has exploded in recent years and continues to grow. With so many craft beer options to choose from, afternoon and evening craft beer crawls have become a popular activity in town. In addition to being available at micro-breweries, local craft beer is also served in many Moncton restaurants.

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Live Entertainment Offerings:
Many live entertainment options make for a great night out in Moncton. Some local favourites include:

✳️ Live jazz by professional musicians at Monk10 on Thursdays and at the Furnace Room on Fridays.
✳️ Live shows by great bands at the Tide and Boar Gastropub.
✳️ Bluegrass music at Timber Lounge on Thursdays.
✳️ Excellent line-up of concerts at the Capitol Theatre.
✳️ Wildcats games at the Avenir Centre.

Great Go-To Restaurants:
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✳️ Thumbnail and Top Photo: Tire Shack Brewing Co., courtesy of Tourism NB



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